About N7CKY

Nick Ellson Cert Photo


I got started in HAM Radio while I was an EE Student at I.T.T. Tech in the late 80’s. I was into radio theory and even did a nice paper on the KGON Tower when it was erected. But try as I might, I could not get Morse Code. So no license for me…

After a almost 30 years, I find myself applying for the Clark County CERT program, and on the application it asked if I had a callsign. I didn’t, but I wondered what it would take to get one? And could I do it before the CERT class started in October of 2015. Turns out Morse Code is not longer required and I jumped on hamstudy.org to brush off the cobwebs of my radio theory from my younger years. Found a test site on ARRL’s test location finder and by Sept 28th I had my technician (missed my General by one question). My FCC issued callsign was KG7WDY. A friend of mine lent me a Baofeng radio to play with, and I went to work studying for that General I almost got. 2 week later I had my general and missed my extra by 3 questions. The Extra exam would let me have most any vanity callsign I wanted, so I had to have it. 2 weeks later I had that one too! And excitedly put in for my vanity of N7CKY. I wanted N1CK, but that was taken.